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SonoSim® Starter Edition

The SonoSim Starter Edition provides a SonoSim-certified laptop pre-installed with the patented SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution, forming the foundation to build your ultrasound training curriculum.

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Deliver Comprehensive, Peer-Reviewed, Standardised Ultrasound Education

The SonoSim Ultrasound Training Ecosystem is provided on a seat-license basis. This turn-key ultrasound education ecosystem comes complete with over 80 medical ultrasound topics, each of which is covered with: ​

  • Cloud-based didactics​
  • Knowledge checks and mastery test​
  • Performance tracking and measurement ​
  • Real sonographic anatomy​
  • Normal and pathologic scanning cases from real patients​
  • Infinite hands-on scanning opportunities on any laptop​
  • Cognitive task training for needle-based procedures ​
  • QuestionBank and mobile app​


SonoSim Courses
Online didactic instruction


SonoSim Knowledge Assessment
Built-in Q&A to measure proficiency


Hands-on scanning cases



  • Peer-reviewed SonoSim Courses are developed by leading experts in ultrasonography and medical education.
  • The online courses are delivered in an interactive multimedia format using still and dynamic ultrasound imagery, audio narration, computer graphic imagery, and animation.

Knowledge Assessment

  • Learners answer in-module knowledge assessment questions and complete a final Mastery Test upon course completion.
  • Hands-on training cases can be saved, annotated, and archived for performance review.

Hands-on Training

  • Access on-demand scanning of real-patient cases and pathologies with the patented SonoSimulator.
  • Learners develop the key psychomotor skills that replicate the exact tactile experience of using an actual ultrasound probe to scan a real patient.

SonoSim Performance Tracker

The SonoSim Starter Edition comes with 5 years access to SonoSim Performance Tracker allowing the administrator to assign modules to learners and then track, monitor and review performance and submitted content through one seamless interface.

Specifically designed for “flipped classrooms,” or remote learning environments, Performance Tracker helps manage student course completion and test scores through an intuitive visual dashboard. Both online course performance and saved ultrasound images from SonoSimulator® hands-on scanning sessions are stored for feedback and review by course instructors.

Performance Tracker provides instructors, administrators, and students with visual access to student progress. The dashboard allows:

  • Access to cloud-based, real-time performance data
  • Creation of interactive views of metrics


SonoSim Starter Edition includes:

• SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution pre-installed on a SonoSim-certified laptop
• 1 SonoSim Probe
• 1 hard-shell protective carrying case
• Pre-installed Fundamentals of Ultrasound Core Clinical Module
• 5-year license includes access to SonoSim Performance Tracker for up to 50 learners
• Warranty information and quick set up guide

SonoSim Ecosystem Elements include:

  • Learn - Interactive Online Courses
  • Scan - SonoSimulator® Scanning Cases
  • Practice - Ultrasound-Guided Procedures
  • Track - Performance and Progress Tracking
  • Study - Learner Tools and Resources
  • Apply - SonoSim LiveScan®
  • Integrate - Curricular Tools and Resources

Learn - Interactive Online Courses

SonoSim Learn

  • 80+ on-demand, multimedia ultrasound didactics ​
  • Top expert created and peer-reviewed​
  • CME-accredited​
  • Includes access to:  ​
    - Regional anatomy​
    - Sonographic insight​
    - Practical imaging techniques​
    - Hands-on scanning cases from real patients​
    - Helpful videos​

Scan - SonoSimulator® Scanning Cases

SonoSim Scan

  • Patented SonoSimulator® laptop-based scanning software​
  • Proven and patented methodology ​
  • Access to thousands of real patient scanning opportunities of normal anatomy and pathologic conditions​
  • Suitable for all learning levels​
  • Learners save images and build portfolios​
  • On-screen probe guide​
  • Virtual tutoring and immediate feedback​

Practice - Ultrasound-Guided Procedures

SonoSim Practice

  • Risk-free and convenient access to deliberate practice​
  • On-screen probe guide​
  • Immediate on-screen feedback

Track - Performance and Progress Tracking

SonoSim Track

  • A comprehensive set of tools and reports to monitor progress​
  • Provide learner feedback​
  • Automate certain aspects of ultrasound image review ​
  • Provide learners access to ultrasound image portfolios

Study - Learner Tools and Resources

SonoSim Study

  • Variety of on-the-go study tools to support multi-modal learning​
  • Offer case-based learning with SonoSim QuestionBank​
  • Ultrasound case studies ​
  • SPI exam study guide and ultrasound physics review questions​
  • Challenge cases to teach important to recognize pathologies​
  • Learners carry key references on any device with a mobile app

Apply - SonoSim LiveScan®

SonoSim Apply

  • Supports teaching and evaluating the integration of ultrasound into medical decision-making
  • Compatible with manikins, live volunteers, or virtually any subject​
  • Seamlessly add ultrasound into any medical simulations for more realistic and enriching learning experiences​
  • Build custom cases from millions of variables or use pre-built cases​
  • Control vital signs and pathophysiologic states on the fly from any device

Integrate - Curricular Tools and Resources

SonoSim Integrate

  • Tailor SonoSim to your particular use case​
  • Review SonoSim content mapped to a wide range of association guidelines​
  • Search all content and case findings for your specific needs

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