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Accès à du contenu validé et standardisé par des experts mondiaux
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Bringing the World's Experience to You

SimStore offers pre-programmed content mapped to clinical guidelines and developed by industry-leading experts such as the American Heart Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National League for Nursing. We’ve partnered with leading associations to create a rich content library that has thousands of products available, including scenarios for our newest operating platforms LLEAP and SimPad® PLUS, and continues to grow. Many scenarios on SimStore can be edited to personalize and account for regional variation of clinical guidelines and practices.

Resources at your Fingertips

Support materials are an integral part of implementing simulation training and are included with every SimStore scenario. They provide instructors and students the materials to prepare for and run a scenario in a standardized, reproducible manner. Support materials contain information about set-up and preparation for the scenario, learning objectives, student information, debriefing points, and more.

See for yourself! Try before you buy. Receive full access to any SimStore scenario for a 72 hour trial period. Evaluate whether a scenario meets your organization’s needs, and practice using the scenario and its support materials.

Focus on Student Performance

Unlock the full potential of your simulation investment by reducing on the fly operation and using pre-programmed scenarios to present a more realistic clinical encounter. Invest in the right content to match your learning objectives and spend less time running the simulator and more time evaluating students.

Following a balanced approach to scenario content development, institutions can use standardized scenarios for planned curricula, develop or modify scenarios in-house for custom solutions, and operate manually when subject matter experts occasionally conduct ad hoc programs. This calculator will help you determine if you should buy or develop your own scenarios.