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Ultimate Hurt (Discontinued)

Ultimate Hurt has been discontinued as of May, 2017. Some parts and accessories are still available. The multi-functional manikin for rescue, extrication, and trauma care.


Ultimate Hurt is a cost-efficient, multi-functional and realistic training manikin

  • Airway management, trauma assessment and extrication skills can all be taught.
  • The manikin comes witha wide range of trauma wound modules andthree interchangeable heads to enhance scenarios.
  • Superior realism of multiple facial and cranial fractures module permits assessment of traumatic head injuries
  • Realistic articulation for application of cervical collars, splints and traction or for use of aspineboard.

Designed to be durable, rugged and portable for field training exercises

  • The quality construction and materials allow the manikin to be used in extrication and triage exercises.
  • Full-body carry case is provided for ease of storage and transportation.

Anadaptable manikin platform allows for flexible andeffective education

To add additional realism to training, modules such as Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Simulation and Bleeding Control can be used with the Ultimate Hurt.

Three interchangeable heads can be used:

  • Standard intubation head - Allows for airway management by manual maneuvers and various airway devices.
  • Trauma intubation head - Has an impaled object in the cheek, avulsed ear, unequal pupils, broken teeth, and multiple lacerations.
  • Mr. Hurt Head - Facilitates facial and cranial trauma assessment including an open depressed skull fracture, deviated trachea, bilateral mandible fractures, and fracture of the C6 vertebrae.

Trauma wound modules allow trainers to adapt training to a variety of situations.

Modules included are:

Sucking chest wound

  • May be interchanged with blank module in manikin's chest.

Burn arm with 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns

  • Burns illustrated with blistering in progressive sequence.
  • Left forearm and hand articulates to manikin at the elbow.

Compound fracture radius

  • Exposed proximal portion of radius.
  • May be interchanged with blank module in manikin's forearm.

Industrial hand

  • Severe laceration to the dorsum of the hand with exposed bone and soft tissue.
  • Open and closed fracture of index finger and severe tear of the fingernail with contusion.
  • Right forearm and hand articulates to manikin at the elbow.

Exposed viscera

  • Abdominal wound with protruding abdominal contents.
  • May be interchanged with blank abdominal module.

Large and small caliber entry and exit wounds

  • Entry wounds may be interchanged with blank deltoid pads.
  • Exit wounds may be interchanged with blank ventral gluteal (small caliber) and dorsal gluteal (large caliber) pads.

Impaled Object

  • Metallic object imbedded in thigh.
  • This may be interchanged with blank module in manikin's thigh.

Compound fracture femur

  • Exposed fractured femur protruding from mid-thigh.
  • May be interchanged with blank module in manikin's thigh.

Closed fracture tibia and fibula

  • Palpation of fracture is possible.
  • Right lower leg articulates to manikin at the knee.

Contused ankle and foot

  • Left lower leg and foot articulates to manikin at the knee.

Crushed foot

  • Severe lacerations, exposed bone, tendon and soft tissue.
  • Complete amputation of the lesser toe.
  • Right foot may be articulated to the manikin at the ankle.