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NextGen vSim® for Nursing

Building clinical judgement through virtual simulation

NextGen vSim for Nursing

Proven virtual learning trusted by nursing experts

Provide students with the most advanced virtual simulation experience with vSim for Nursing. Trusted by nursing experts, vSim for Nursing challenges students to exercise clinical judgment and decision-making for gaining relevant clinical experience through virtual simulation with:

  • Hands-on clinical judgment practice as students take on the role of a nurse in a simulated healthcare setting.

  • Realistic patient encounters and interactive communication.

  • Assessment and care for patients in accordance with evidence-based quality and safety standards while following the nursing process.

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Measure each student's success, identify weaknesses, and ensure students build clinical judgment and competence to help them prepare for the next-generation NCLEX® and carry that success throughout their nursing careers. 

Elevate the learner experience

NextGen vSim for Nursing features include:

Lifelike virtual patients
  • Increased medical fidelity with realistic 3D patient graphics help students experience patient interactions they can expect to find in real practice.

  • Realism in patient responses such as sweating, cyanosis, pain, or distress, allows students to immerse themselves in the simulation experience.

SBAR Communication Tool
  • SBAR (Situation Background Assessment Recommendation) tool allows for deeper communication practice and insight into student performance.

  • Helps students to learn about receiving and giving an SBAR during a patient handoff to communicate effectively in teams.


Tablet Compatibility
  • NextGen vSim for Nursing is tablet compatible, enabling students the flexibility to take their practice sessions outside of the classroom.

  • Supported on both iOS and Android, students can download the NextGen vSim for Nursing app in addition to web-based access on their laptops.


Personalized feedback
  • NextGen vSim for Nursing provides personalized feedback to help students develop clinical judgment, apply their learning, and build confidence in preparing for the next generation NCLEX®.

  • Students' actions are recorded in the scenario where they receive a feedback log and remediation resources to improve learning outcomes.

Evidence-Based Scenarios Covering Modern Nursing Curriculum

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Laerdal Medical, Wolters Kluwer, and the National League for Nursing have partnered to develop the most advanced virtual simulation across a wide range of practice areas. NextGen vSim for Nursing features patient case scenarios authored by the NLN and validated by an Expert Advisory Board to reflect best practices in Nursing.

NextGen vSim® for Nursing Scenarios:


NextGen vSim® for Nursing | Fundamentals


NextGen vSim® for Nursing | Medical-Surgical

Lilling Zhao Sim Desktop.png

NextGen vSim® for Nursing | Advanced Medical-Surgical/Critical Care

Sabina Desktop.png

NextGen vSim® for Nursing | Maternity and Pediatric

Carla Hernandez Sim 2 Desktop.png

NextGen vSim® for Nursing | Maternity

Jackson Desktop.png

NextGen vSim® for Nursing | Pediatric


NextGen vSim® for Nursing | Pharmacology


NextGen vSim® for Nursing | Mental Health


NextGen vSim® for Nursing | Health Assessment

MillieLarsen Sim Desktop.png

NextGen vSim® for Nursing | Gerontology

Fundamentals Marvin Hayes Simulation.png

NextGen vSim® for Nursing | LPN/LVN

Amelia Sung Sim iPad 1920 x 1200.jpg

NextGen vSim® for Nursing | LPN/LVN Complete