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Modular Skills Trainer

The practical, portable solution for skills practice​

16-in-1 trainer for skills building

Build competence through practice

Designed by Nursing experts for competency development, the Modular Skills trainer offers over 16 different clinical skills practice opportunities for single or multiple learners. ​

The Modular Skills Trainer fits the needs of today's nursing programs, providing learners with the opportunity to train on essential skills they will be expected to perform in real clinical environments​.

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Practice a wide array of patient care skills:

• Nasogastric Tube Insertion

• Wound Care

• Tracheostomy Care

• Central Line Dressing Change

• Ostomy Care

• Urinary Catheterization & Enema

• Injections

• Intravenous Catheterization & Phlebotomy

• Suppositories (rectal & vaginal)

• Perineal Care

• Oxygen Therapy

• Nasal Swab

• G-tube Care

Making the most of your Modular Skills Trainer

Combining hands-on clinical skills practice with virtual simulation and digital assessment tools provide instructors with a more competency-based approach for improving learning outcomes.

Students are better prepared to exercise clinical judgment, decision making and communication, before applying this collective learning in high fidelity simulation with realistic, patient simulators such as the Nursing Anne Simulator.


vSim for Nursing
Web-based virtual simulation delivering immersive clinical patient cases and real-time feedback for building clinical judgment and decision-making skills.


SimCapture for Skills with Modular Skills Trainer
Combines Modular Skills Trainer with a digital assessment and evaluation solution that supports a competency-based learning approach.


Nursing Anne Simulator
Designed by Nurses for Nurses, this modular simulator can be transformed to represent many patients, delivering the most high-fidelity simulation experience for basic to advanced assessments.