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Essential Cardiac Auscultation

A single-focused source to learn the most important cardiac auscultatory findings - "The Big 12"

The most frequent student request following a cardiac auscultation learning session is for a program that will demonstrate the most important findings in an effective, organized format. In response to this need, Essential Cardiac Auscultation was developed. Essential Cardiac Auscultation is a computer-based program that teaches the 12 most important findings (The Big 12) and their associated pathophysiology.

"The Big 12" were chosen from national surveys of Program Directors and are emphasized by Certification Boards. They are presented using Harvey®, The Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator, in the UMedic Computer format.

Product Benefits

  • Effectively teaches bedside skills to many different populations and levels of learners
  • Self-learning reduces instructor time and cost of locating patients with certain bedside findings at any given time in the academic year
  • Interactive case-based presentations allow repetitive practice of all findings at different heart rates

Product Features

  • Interactive case-based presentations
  • Correlation of findings with pressure and volume curves
  • Graphic animations of auscultatory findings
  • Learner involvement  by mimicking heart sounds and murmurs