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Nordic Virtual SUN week - To prepare for something you are not prepared for, Covid-19

Nordic Virtual SUN week 2021 - To prepare for something you are not prepared for - Covid-19

06-05-2021 - 06-05-2021 Webinar

Tillsammans med våra nordiska kollegor vill vi gärna bjuda in er till en veckas virtuella lunchföreläsningar. Varje land arrangerar tillsammans med olika samarbetspartners en föreläsning. Temat kommer att variera men grunden är simulering som arbetsmetod. Du kan välja fritt om du vill delta på alla eller enstaka föreläsningar.

Då detta är ett nordiskt samarbete sker föreläsningarna på engelska. 


Prepare yourself - 
How the Educational units succeeded the fast-track learning to care for Covid-19 patients at Perioperative Medicine and Intensive care at Karolinska University Hospital.

In spring 2020 a total of 200 equipped ICU beds were established at Karolinska University Hospital, an increase of 500% ICU beds comparing to normal capacity.

The team of Clinical Educators introduced/trained 800 people to work with Covid-19 patients in the ICU in spring 2020.  With a flying start from one day to another the team prepared workshops and lectures. Creating teams with clear leadership, secure communication, flexibility and a good team spirit was the foundation of the training. Sharing expectations about something you never seen before, knowing that you are not alone.

To prepare for something you are not prepared for.

“This is our story”


May-Lena Färnert, RN, CRNA, CCN, MMSc, Clinical Educator
Annika Sandelin, RN, CNOR, Med Lic, Clinical Educator
Charlotte Förars, RN, CCN, MMSc, Clinical Educator


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