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Top 5 Reasons to use the QCPR App

. Run Trainings. Build better lifesavers.

Sign in to the QCPR app to unlock invaluable features, including a world of reporting and analytics. Choose your preferred device, be it tablet or mobile, and gain access to personalized reporting, engage your students with the CPR Game – and much more.  Let’s explore five compelling reasons why signing in with the QCPR App will elevate your training sessions.

1. Connect Multiple Manikins for Versatile Training

Gone are the days of limited training options. Signing in to the new QCPR app enables the ability to connect multiple manikins, whether you are using Little Anne, Resusci Anne, or a mixed fleet. This versatility opens up a world of training scenarios, allowing you to simulate a wide range of real-life emergency situations. Tailor your training to address various challenges, scenarios, and skill levels, making every session a valuable learning experience. 

Little Anne QCPR Training

2. Streamlined Organization with Manikin Renaming


Managing a classroom with multiple manikins can be overwhelming, but the QCPR app makes it simple. Once signed in, you can rename the manikins, creating a streamlined and organized smart classroom environment.

You will also have the ability to arrange the manikins on your screen to mirror your student’s placement in your classroom, making it easy to follow their progress, helping them improve their skills. This feature ensures that you and your learners stay focused on the training at hand, maximizing valuable class time.

3. Comprehensive Debriefing with Personalized Reports

Personalized learning experiences yield the best results. With the QCPR app's sign-in feature, individual learner profiles become a powerful tool in your hands.


When the training exercises are complete, you’ll get access to detailed performance reporting. These personalized reports enable thorough analysis and feedback, empowering both instructors and learners to identify areas of strength and areas that need further development. With targeted insights, you can design tailored training plans to optimize learning outcomes.

Whether it's adjusting difficulty levels or targeting specific skill sets, QCPR app's customized and in-depth analytic capabilities will empower you to support your students in their unique learning journey.


4. Stay Current with Continuous Updates

We at Laerdal Medical are committed to improving your experience with the QCPR App. Our team is committed to listening to you - our valued customers - and continually enhancing our products based on your needs.

Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction drives us to constantly release updates that not only fix any issues with the app but also introduce new features and enhancements.



For example, you will be able to stay up-to-date with global CPR guidelines, ensuring your training remains compliant with the latest standards. The app's continuous updates guarantee compliance with regulatory requirements and future innovations, making sure you have the most advanced tools for effective CPR instruction.

5. Signing-in with Essentials is always free

In the evolution from the QCPR Training app to the new QCPR app, one thing remains constant: Essentials is still completely free. Your sign-in experience may have changed, but your access to familiar features hasn't. 

For example, you gain access to specialized features such as training with choking baby technique, using Little Baby QCPR manikins. Not to mention, you will gain access to the fun and engaging QCPR Game.


In addressing any privacy concerns with sign-in, allow us to reassure you regarding data privacy. We maintain a stringent policy of not sharing your data with any third party. Your trust is paramount, and safeguarding your information is a responsibility we uphold with the utmost seriousness.

As you continue to use and get to know the new QCPR app, remember that the essentials remain free, your training gains a new dimension of specialized features, and your data's privacy is our unwavering priority.

Little Anne CPR Training

Taking your Training to New Heights

Little Anne QCPR Training

So, are you ready to unlock a world of new and exciting opportunities as an instructor with the QCPR app? Sign in today to streamline your CPR training sessions, get in-depth reporting, and create more competent and confident first responders.

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