The Mini Anne CPR and CPR-AED programs instruct the user in a “practice-while-watching” format with the aid of a 30 minute instructional DVD, a personal, inflatable manikin with integrated adult/child compression clicker and in some programs a simulated AED training device.


More than 1 million people suffer from a Cardiac Arrest (CA) every year with 70% occurring at home. If CPR is given immediately after arrest then the chance of survival can be doubled or even tripled. This is why widespread CPR training is needed to increase the likelihood of bystander CPR being performed before the arrival of the Professional Emergency Services. Whilst the typical bystander is either a family or friend of the CA victim they rarely attend a traditional CPR course.

Why MiniAnne?

• MiniAnne has shown to be equally as effective in training core CPR skills compared to a traditional BLS course

• Can deliver training to “non-participants” of traditional courses, our presumed “typical bystanders”

• Increased training efficiency as all participants have their own manikin

• Used as a self-directed training kit at home or as part of a bigger group at work or large scale training event

• Many who train using Mini-Anne take the kit back home to train their family and friends