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LLEAP - simulation software

Laerdal Learning Application

Simplicity & control

A single, intuitive interface for all Laerdal simulators

With LLEAP, instructors have control over the patient simulator's physiology, giving a seamless and immersive training experience for the learners. Fully integrated with Laerdal’s simulators, accessory products, Laerdal Scenario Cloud, and SimCapture, LLEAP allows you to control the physiology of the simulator and every other parameter of your training session - both in-situ and in simulation center settings.

Scenario training is easier with LLEAP. Run "on-the-fly", or utilize pre-programmed scenarios for a simple and effective way to run large-scale simulations.

With only one LLEAP PC you can control all LLEAP compatible simulators in your facility.  If you would like an even more mobile solution, you can choose SimPad PLUS

Take your simulation further

  • Choose your LLEAP solution
  • LLEAP simulators
  • Patient Monitoring
  • SimStart - monitor defibrillator
  • LLEAP or SimPad PLUS?
  • Educational Services
  • Technical Services
  • Video Tutorials

Choose your LLEAP solution


LLEAP Standard
A full LLEAP license unifies the control of all PC operated Laerdal simulators and brings simplicity to running simulation training. Includes simulated patient monitor, monitor defibrillator and AED.

LLEAP Fundamentals
LLEAP Fundamentals allows you to conduct training using task trainers and standardized patients with a simulated patient monitor.  

LLEAP Lite is the free version of LLEAP that allows you to practice using LLEAP with a virtual manikin and test your scenarios without requiring a license. Connecting to a real simulator or a patient monitor is not available in LLEAP Lite

LLEAP simulators

Laerdal simulators compatible with LLEAP

  1. SimMan 3G
  2. SimMan 3G Trauma
  3. SimMan ALS
  4. SimMan Essential
  5. SimMom
  6. SimBaby
  7. SimBaby Classic
  8. SimNewB
  9. SimNewB Classic
  10. SimJunior
  11. Nursing Anne Simulator
  12. ALS Simulator
  13. SimMan Classic
  14. SimMan 3G Mystic
  15. SimMan Essential Bleeding

Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitoring with LLEAP

Take simulation to the next level with realistic patient monitoring

The LLEAP platform includes simulated monitoring software as well as a simulated monitor defibrillator/AED.

Give learners an immersive and realistic experience by allowing them to practice on a simulator as well as a patient monitor. It enhances clinical realism and challenges critical thinking skills in all your students. You can also add lab reports, X-Rays and multimedia to enhance the simulation further.

Simulated parameters
LLEAP's patient monitoring capabilities provide concise clinical feedback for physiological parameters, including:

  • ECG
  • SpO2
  • CO2
  • ABP
  • CVP
  • PAP
  • NIBP
  • TOF
  • ..and many more.

SimStart - monitor defibrillator

SimStart - monitor defibrillator

SimStart is a portable and affordable training solution to simulate the use of an AED or a defibrillator monitor. Integrate SimStart with any Laerdal manikin or patient simulator to achieve a more comprehensive and realistic simulation training.




LLEAP on PC or LLEAP for SimPad? 

Most Laerdal simulators have 2 operating options. Depending on your needs, you can choose to run LLEAP on a PC or on a SimPad PLUS.

  • You can have LLEAP installed on a laptop, tablet, rugged tablet or panel PC to operate your simulator.
  • PC operation is ideal for a use in a control room with multiple training rooms, camera systems and other functionality used by simulation centers. 
  • PC operation supports more advanced functionality compared to SimPad PLUS including additional parameters on the patient monitor, x-ray, multimedia integration, expanded and customized view of the User Interface, and more. 
  • With a PC, you get the ability to integrate third party solutions, such as VitalsBridge patient monitoring and SonoSim ultrasound solutions. 
  • This is a separate version of the LLEAP software. You can use it to control all SimPad PLUS operated manikins and simulators. 
  • SimPad PLUS provides a ‘pick up and play’ user experience.
  • It is portable, and ideal for in-situ training.

Learn more about SimPad PLUS

Educational Services

Educational Services 

Give your instructors knowledge and insights into how to best use the Laerdal products, and enable them to train, motivate and teach students vital lifesaving procedures.

Choose from a range of services and courses - from getting started course and teaching with LLEAP, help to create scenarios, to refresher courses to retain what you've learned. 

Educational Services from Laerdal

Technical Services

Technical Services

Prolong the life-span of your simulation equipment with follow-up services from Laerdal Technical Services. 

We offer comprehensive technical service programs to meet your specific product and training needs. Our Technical Services team can also support the build-out and operation of your clinical lab. With professionally trained technical engineers around the globe, we are here to help.

Technical Services

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials

Watch our video tutorials to help you get started.

LLEAP how-to videos



The best of two worlds

SimCapture is a complete learning management solution for healthcare simulation. It allows you to effectively manage, record, and assess simulation training, both on-site and in-situ.

Capture audio, video, annotations, patient monitors, and simulator data in a single web-based interface.