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Little Baby QCPR

Creating quality lifesavers

Infant CPR Training
with confidence

For years, infant CPR instructors have not been able to know for sure what the participants learned. Until now.

Little Baby QCPR is a realistic and affordable BLS manikin for pediatrics. By utilizing gamified learning and objective feedback, Little Baby QCPR improves training quality, learner engagement, and classroom efficiency.

Feedback device

Feedback Device Options for Little Baby QCPR

Use the free QCPR apps to receive continuous updates and new educational features.

Engage learners with objective feedback

Check compatibility of the QCPR App

QCPR App has been developed as a cross-platform application: This means that the application is supported on a variety of platforms and operating systems.​

To enjoy the best experience while using QCPR App, please see below our recommended device configuration.​

Supported Operating Systems:
Platform Operating System (OS)
Android Android 10 and above
iOS iOS 13.0 and above
Windows (in development) Windows 10 (version 1903) and above

*Note that Android GO, Chrome OS and Windows 10 Mobile are not supported.​

Supported devices

This article contains a list of devices which paired successfully during product development. It is not exhaustive as many more devices are supported.

Screen Size and Resolution

QCPR App will work on all types of phone size, but for an optimized experience, we recommend a screen size of 6.1” and a minimum resolution 1792*828 pixels.​

Device hardware requirements

It is recommended to have Bluetooth enabled and use version 4.2 or higher to connect to your manikins. To know more about permissions needed for QCPR App, please consult this article.

Permission requirements​

We recommend your mobile device to have at least 3 GB of RAM and some storage space available (at least 250 MB).

Additionally, your device will need to have a good GPU (graphical power) and CPU (processing/calculation power) for the app to work smoothly.

Expand your training possibilities