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Virtual I.V. Simulator (Discontinued)

This product has been discontinued.
Consumables and replacement parts, for the Virtual IV, will be available until 31st December 2019.


High Quality Intravenous Training and Skills Sustainment

  • The Adult Virtual I.V. Self-Directed Learning System includes 150 distinct case scenarios. Each is customized to one of three areas: in-hospital, pre-hospital and military care providers.
  • 42 unique, anatomically accurate, interactive 3-D arm models span human variation in terms of ethnicity, size age and sex, guaranteeing learners access to a diverse group of patients.
  • Incorporates 5 distinctive training types: procedure overview, system overview, anatomical viewer, competency training and practice case scenarios.

Virtual I.V. Overview Presentation

Powerful 3D Graphics Provide Visual Realism Creating an Immersive Environment

Anatomical Viewer

  • Powerful 3D graphics provide visual realism, while a state-of-the-art force feedback device accurately simulates the sense of touch for a truly immersive experience.
  • The Anatomical Viewer allows the student to reposition the arm and isolate particular anatomical features (i.e.: skin, nerves, arteries, muscles, fascia and bones).

Effective Simulation Training in a Risk-free Environment

  • Virtual IV simulation provides standardized educational content, training methodology and performance measurement improving learners confidence before entering a clinical environment.
  • Applies to multi-level education; Initial and Continuing Education through to Remediation and Recertification.
  • A comprehensive portfolio of case scenarios presents students with the clinical information needed to execute each procedure, build decision making skills, challenge their knowledge, and master the procedures required to perform cannulation.
  • The self-directed learning system records and evaluates students' performance and presents a thorough debriefing following each case. The debriefing gives students both positive reinforcement, as well as clear instruction that can be used to improve their abilities and training.

Practice Needle Procedures with Life-like Patient Anatomy in Real World Scenarios

  • Force feedback provides realistic feel in terms of skin stretch, palpation, size, and insertion forces. Allows users to perform a two-finger skin stretch technique appropriate to the procedure.
  • Supports arterial palpation at both temporal scalp sites and the arm, allowing the pulse to be felt by the user, defining artery location.
  • Virtual patients respond with bleeding, bruising, swelling, as well as other patho-physiological reactions.
  • Over a dozen pieces of virtual equipment can be used to perform the medical procedure.

Realistic patho-physiological reactions

Virtual equipment

*A Complete Virtual I.V. System requires the following items (sold separately):