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Debriefing and Simulation Management

Learner outcomes improve through structured debriefing after a simulation-based learning event. SimCapture seamlessly integrates with LLEAP (for PC and SimPad PLUS) providing a debriefing and assessment solution that captures audio, video, annotations, the patient monitor, and simulator data in a single web-based interface.

SimCapture is much more than just an effective debriefing tool; it's a complete management solution for simulation. SimCapture's ease-of-use, high degree of automation, and integrated reporting results allow you to monitor and track progress and efficiency.

Automate and analyze all simulation activities

SimCapture Pro, SimCapture's introductory software tier, manages users and permissions, self-assessments, center sign-in, center activity, and detailed center usage analytics. SimCapture Enterprise, includes scheduling, enrollment and notifications, curriculum creation and tracking, extensive score reporting and analytics, learner portals, and workflow automation. Seamless upgrades are offered between SimCapture Pro and Enterprise and both significantly improve the quality, consistency, and ease of administering healthcare simulation education and training. You can view SimCapture tools in the screens below.

SimCapture helps us capture, aggregate, and analyze large amounts of data that we use to make informed decisions about our simulation program and best practices.

Dr. Pamela Jeffries, Dean and Professor of Nursing, George Washington University

LLEAP + SimCapture

Seamlessly move from simulation to debriefing while improving outcomes.

With SimCapture, your simulation to debriefing experience with LLEAP and SimPad is now seamless and significantly more powerful and flexible. Start/Stop SimCapture directly from LLEAP or SimPad. All key simulator events will be immediately transferred and synchronized with the captured video and the patient monitor. In addition, SimCapture events are filterable, searchable, and annotated in the session for a rapid and efficient debriefing on any web-based computer or tablet. SimCapture is fully integrated with all Laerdal manikins and simulators and can also be used with simulators from other suppliers.

Simple 3 step process

Start LLEAP on your instructor PC or SimPad PLUS

Choose to debrief with SimCapture

SimCapture's web-based session includes all relevant simulator data

Integrate LLEAP scenarios

Any scenario, whether created manually or purchased in SimStore, is compatible with SimCapture debriefing sessions and automatically transfer filterable, searchable, and annotated simulator events. In addition, LLEAP and SimPad formatted files (.scx) can be imported into SimCapture scenarios for centralized scenario management. SimCapture's Laerdal scenario import tool captures the scenario title, summary, and all learning objectives in a single step.

SimCapture Tiers

SimCapture offers flexibility in scale by offering both a Pro and an Enterprise version. SimCapture Pro is ideal for new or smaller simulation centers seeking an affordable solution to record, debrief and track simulation learning. For larger or more established simulation centers with curriculum that need to manage, assess and report on departments, learners and events, SimCapture Enterprise offers additional features and functionality on top of SImCapture Pro.

  • Synchronized capture of multiple camera angles
  • Simulator data capture and visualization
  • Medical device capture (EKG, Ultrasound, EMR)
  • Learner and faculty tracking and portfolios
  • Center sign-in directs and tracks users
  • Video annotation and session self-reflection*
  • Debrief from anywhere using just a browser
  • Learner, faculty and facility usage reports
  • Customizable scenarios, roles and permissions
  • Flexible and scalable - one room or many
  • Secure, mobile friendly and web-based
  • Seamless upgrade path to Enterprise
  • Optional - LDAP or Single Sign On module

*Self-reflection is a Cloud-based only feature

All PRO features and

  • Checklist builder and custom assessments*
  • Courses and curriculum tracking
  • Robust and customizable assessment reports
  • Scheduling, self enrollment and notifications
  • Resources and inventory management

  • Optional - Fully customizable and integrated EMR
  • Optional - OSCE module for large-scale exams

*Replaces self reflection

Cloud-based or on-premise

SimCapture Pro and Enterprise installations can be either on-premise or cloud-based. Cloud-based SimCapture Pro and Enterprise have the benefit of no on-premise central server required, minimal audiovisual and IT infrastructure needed, unlimited storage capability, and access to the SimCapture Mobile App. Institutions with local or private network requirements may opt for an on-premise installation.

SimCapture form factors

SimCapture accepts inputs from virtually any medical device and supports the broadest range of camera inputs in the industry. This level of flexibility allows for extensive capture combinations of camera angles, scopes, patient monitors, ultrasounds, EMRs and more. In addition, capture can be temporary and portable or permanent and installed depending upon your simulation center’s needs.

On-Premise or Cloud


Remarkably compact (4.5"x4.5") and scalable four input SimCapture unit that can be installed quickly and virtually anywhere.

Cloud Only

Mobile iOS

Cloud-based Pro and Enterprise can leverage any iOS mobile device with the SimCapture Mobile App. Captured mobile sessions sync seamlessly.

On-Premise Only


Comprehensive and portable 3 input capture system (laptop, cameras, mounts, and cable adapters included) in a compact and lightweight briefcase.

On-Premise Only

Rack Servers

Highly reliable 4-6 input single rack unit server that offers comprehensive, IP-based or true HD SDI capture of any simulation event or OSCE.

Laerdal acquire B-Line Medical

With the acquisition, B-Line Medical will become part of the global Laerdal organization - while maintaining its home and continuing to develop and support their product lines in Washington, D.C. Laerdal and B-Line Medical will begin work immediately on their shared vision to create the world’s premier debriefing, assessment, and training management platform. The platform will play a major role in Laerdal’s core mission of helping save lives by delivering the highest quality healthcare training, education, and quality improvement programs to their customers.

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