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TLC For Your Sim Lab — How Experts Ensure Optimal Performance

Tuesday, September 28—2:00 PM EST

Your simulation program relies on the ability for your simulation lab and any in situ efforts to always be fully operational. The practicalities of running and maintaining a simulation lab are not always the most attention-grabbing part of your simulation program. But they form the cornerstone of success. If your simulation lab does not run at peak efficiency, then you cannot teach at peak efficiency. It’s a simple and practical equation. And almost everyone in simulation has felt the impact of it.

In this interactive Virtual SUN, we will be speaking with two industry experts, both of whom manage state-of-the-art simulation programs and who have advice on how to get there. State-of-the-art does not always mean having the biggest and the best. It does mean making what you have perform to its maximum capacity.

Areas that we will focus on include:

  • Megabits per second and why a dedicated online network is critical to your simulation lab performance
  • Experts versus novices and why only a select few should be performing service on your manikins
  • Faculty development and why your staff needs to know how to teach in your sim environment
  • Refreshing your technology and why having the latest technology does improve efficiency

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