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Self-Service Maintenance

Simulation training programs rely on equipment readiness, now with the Self-Service Maintenance solution you can conduct routine care when your simulator needs it most, all on your own from start to finish, with everything you need in one convenient package.

When you take charge of your equipment maintenance your organisation will realise many benefits:

  • More control over the cost, timing, and frequency of maintenance.
  • Minimised downtime by taking care of tasks as soon as they are needed.
  • A deeper understanding of the equipment and how it functions, helping to identify problems more quickly.
  • Flexibility and customisation by deciding which tasks and maintenance schedule is most appropriate for specific equipment.

Self-Service Maintenance is perfectly suited for conducting basic routine care on your simulators and manikins as the need arises. For a more comprehensive service, preventative maintenance led by Laerdal is available that includes software updates, product assessment, testing, and replacement of additional wear and tear components.

Routine Care Made Easy

With only novice-level technical experience you can take control of your simulator's performance with this do-it-yourself solution. You'll get everything you need to get the job done. The Self-Service Maintenance solution includes:



Genuine Laerdal parts
A complete parts kit specific to your simulator backed by the standard Laerdal warranty.


Service instructions
Step-by-step written instructions and a video tutorial on how to complete the service. 


Recommended tools
A list of standard tools you'll need to complete the service. 

Key Advantages

Maximum Convenience
Routine care on your schedule at your pace

Total Confidence
High-quality components backed by Laerdal

Ultimate Flexibility
Anytime anywhere upkeep on the simulators that need it most


The Solution


Self-Service Maintenance for Manikins

For low-fidelity manikins, the self-service maintenance solution includes PDF instructions and video instructions along with all parts* required for a head-to-toe maintenance like chest and arm skins, veins, bladders, bands, foam pads, tubes, clips, and ties.

This service provides detailed maintenance on manikins as needed without any limitations.

*Parts may vary product-to-product

Ready to perform your own routine care? Contact us to get started.

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We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.

We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.