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Laerdal Upright Resuscitator

The Laerdal Upright Resuscitator for newborns has an innovative design that has been shown to help deliver more adequate ventilations per event than a standard resuscitator design*.

A new approach to ventilations

Delivering adequate ventilations during those critical moments of a newborn resuscitation event can be challenging. The Laerdal Upright Resuscitator is our next step of our long heritage of helping you, save lives.

New Innovative Design

The Laerdal Upright Resuscitator offers a new approach to ventilations. The ergonomic upright design of the bag and mask makes it easier for Healthcare Providers to seal the patient’s nose and mouth securely whilst delivering ventilations.


Easy to Assemble and Store

The Laerdal Upright Resuscitator only has 6 parts, which makes it very simple to assemble, disassemble and clean. At only 13 cm when collapsed, it takes up a minimal amount of room and is easy to store.


New Silicone Mask for Secure Seal

The Laerdal Upright Resuscitator’s silicone masks are newly developed to provide a more effective and secure seal over the patient’s nose and mouth. This helps the Healthcare Provider deliver more adequate ventilations*. The masks feature a firm top surface which is easy to grip, with a unique pliable lip underneath which shapes to the patient’s profile for a secure seal.

Silicone Mask.jpg

*Data on file, Laerdal Global Health, 2014