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Laerdal Accelerate Program

The Laerdal Accelerate Program is an all-in-one solution that provides on-site simulation for targeted clinical scenarios by providing simulators, operators, facilitators, a curriculum, and teams/skills assessment. With Laerdal Accelerate, we bring a sustainable, robust, and data-driven solution that is hassle-free for you. Focus on training, skills assessment, and system evaluation without the distraction of equipment operation, setup, tear-down, administration, storage, logistics, or curriculum acquisition.

Turnkey simulation solution

In a rapidly changing environment implementing and maintaining a consistent competency training program is challenging. Moreover, effectively integrating simulation to help the onboarding and retention of competent staff, meeting regulatory compliance, and maintaining a quality improvement program are more critical than ever for the delivery of the highest quality patient-centered care.

This all-inclusive, quality training focuses on engagement and data analysis for the following targeted areas: 




Obstetric Emergencies

Ensure your team's readiness for safely managing high-risk, low-frequency obstetric emergencies through individual skills training and assessment, and teamwork scenarios to help you meet Joint Commission standards for training and drills.


Team Code

In an emergency code, it is critical that team code management functions effectively. This program utilizes multiple scenarios and various equipment to highlight team effectiveness, adherence to guidelines, and leverage opportunities for process improvement.


Advanced Airway Management

This program provides individual skills training and assessment for advanced airway management. Scenarios include angioedema, laryngospasm, foreign-body obstruction; customizable to fit your organization's exact needs.


Nurse Onboarding

A key driver of nurse retention is a supportive work environment. This program focuses on clinical deterioration and rapid response team activation to prepare new nurses for potentially stressful clinical situations.

Why choose Laerdal Accelerate? 

Research has shown that hospitals that engage in deliberate rehearsal or in-situ cross-functional team-based simulation training can reduce risks and ultimately, patient deaths. Using simulation to teach the principles of teamwork and communication is a powerful tool for creating highly functional individuals and teams. Laerdal Accelerate enables you to realize the benefits of simulation training without requiring a large capital purchase or the resource challenges involved in designing and organizing a program of this kind. The Laerdal Accelerate Program will:


Maximize Efficiency

Allows rapid implementation of a cost-effective training solution for a range of uses.

Drive Sustainability

Provides the staff, equipment, services, curriculum, and targeted scenarios to allow for repeatable and sustained training initiatives. Plus, you’ll receive data to target further improvement areas and demonstrate value and impact on patient outcomes.

Standardize Training

Using a turnkey yet flexible solution ensures consistency and removes subjectivity from the training, resulting in measurable learning outcomes.

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We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.

We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.