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Advisory and Support Services

Helping you implement successful simulations

Our team at Laerdal can help support you on your journey from project launch to sustainable integration of simulation-based training in your teaching and learning environment. Whether you decide to take a holistic approach to support your project or to use individual services from our overall portfolio, we will help you design and implement your training successfully.

With knowledge and expertise in simulation training design and facilitation, we can help develop solutions that are aligned with the core needs of your organization regardless of what stage of the simulation journey you are in.

Read more about our range of solutions or speak to us about desigining an individual plan that suits your needs.



During the consulting phase, laerdal can help with:
  • A holistic approach
  • Infrastructure design
  • Funding opportunities
  • Setting goals

Holistic view of your situation

You want to introduce or further optimise "simulation-based learning"? Perhaps you are currently facing the exciting task of starting simulation-based teaching in your company or refining processes, but do not yet know exactly where to start? From the first step of the "innovative idea" to the successful and sustainable "implementation", you need the right approaches and methods to achieve your goal.

Read more details on Infrastructure design, and Training Goals

The importance of the holistic approach

In order for future instructors to be able to optimally pass on their knowledge to their training participants, to motivate them more strongly and to continuously increase the level of performance, an important process must be set in motion beforehand; the creation of optimal framework conditions. This means not only presenting a good learning environment for the learners, but also - or rather even more so - creating optimal teaching conditions for the future instructors. Here it is important to know the main drivers of success and to focus on these in advance.This is where our consulting services come in, where we analyse the existing situation and needs together with you in order to achieve the best possible effect of your financial, time and personnel investments: 

  • Consideration of current conditions, needs and challenges
  • Analysis of desired training and support measures for your teachers
  • Advice on custom-fit training products and the integration of technical infrastructures


Building the spatial infrastructure

Are you already convinced that a skills lab offers decisive advantages in training and that numerous care situations can be simulated there in a practical way? You just need a little more know-how and knowledge to successfully set up a skills lab? Then you have come to the right place! We will support you in this!


Development, integration and consolidation of training programmes for teachers and learners

Are you currently facing the exciting task of starting simulation-based teaching in your company or refining existing processes? But you do not yet know exactly where to start? You need the right method that will lead you to your goal. Feel free to contact us!


What are the first steps?

Laerdal can advise you in the early stages of your project in all areas, from inventory analysis, funding, infrastructure planning, support in applying for funding to clarifying strategic-conceptual or methodological-didactic issues.  This also includes setting your goals for successful integration into the curriculum.


Setting your goals

You tell us your goals - we show you the way to get there!
We always provide you with holistic advice; from advice on the technical set-up of your SkillsLab, to support in applying for funding, to clarifying strategic-conceptual or methodological-didactic issues. 


Are you wondering how to get your project off the ground?

We look forward to finding a suitable solution together with you. Contact us and make an appointment for an initial consultation today!

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During the project planning phase, laerdal can help with:
  • Understanding challenges
  • Implementation
  • Strategy development

The Challenges

The challenges of making simulation-based teaching permanent
The goal has been defined, the simulator to be used in the future has been selected, the appropriate teaching staff for the implementation has been appointed, the architect for the spatial design of the SkillsLab has been commissioned and the training on the handling of the simulators has been scheduled. Now we can get started!

Despite good intentions and activities, there is a great danger that simulation as a teaching method will not be integrated into the working environment in the long term. The causes are manifold and often lie in the lack of or insufficient planning for a successful step-by-step implementation.

Read more details on implementation and strategy planning

Step-by-step implementation

Wondering what a step-by-step implementation might look like for you? 

  • strategic
  • conceptual
  • infrastructural and
  • methodological-didactical questions

We look forward to working with you to find a suitable solution during a joint strategy day.


Are you interested in planning a strategy day?

Contact us and make an appointment today.

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During the training phase, laerdal can help with:
  • Faculty and staff development
  • Equipment optimization

Capacity building of teaching staff

Where experience is lacking, method is needed
In order to enable pupils and students to successfully care for and/or medically treat patients, the competence of teachers to convey content in a practice-oriented manner is of crucial importance. Assuming that "teaching" can be learned, it is therefore essential to specifically promote the competences for planning, accompanying and evaluating simulation trainings of teachers. The studies or training of an educator or teacher in the health sector usually do not include practice-oriented learning units in "simulation-based teaching", so that this competence of teaching must only be acquired in the later course of professional activity through any further training and education. This demonstrates the importance of company-driven, needs-oriented continuing education initiatives to prepare healthcare teachers for the use of simulation training.

Our training portfolio is designed to help you implement best practices and procedures in your simulation training and maximise the learning success of your participants. To do this, we prepare you for your future role based on YOUR learning objectives. We achieve this by means of course concepts tailored to the target group, the content of which is always tailored to your needs. Our workshops and practical training courses, which build on each other, are conducted in a variety of ways using digital teaching formats as well as face-to-face events.

Read more details on educational and technical services, training courses

Educational Services

Methodological-didactic course formats

  • Basic Getting Started Courses
  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training sessions
  • Debrief course
  • Curriculum integration
  • Teaching with SimPad
  • Teaching with LLEAP Software 



Are you interested in a course?

Contact us so that we can offer you a suitable course.

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During the transfer phase, laerdal can help with:
  • Transition to practice
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Long-term planning

Accompanying the staff

In order for your team of teachers to be able to confidently and routinely apply what they have just learned with their participants, it is important that they first get into doing and implementing what they have learned. This is a crucial factor for success in order to establish this teaching method in your own working environment in the long term.

In addition, you as a user benefit from a simulator that always delivers top performance.  

Read more details on practical transfer, simulation equipment, simulation goals

Successful practical transfer

Are you wondering how your own practical transfer can look for you and your team?
We look forward to working with you to define the consolidation of your newly acquired skills with the help of an individual practice transfer plan and to provide you with advice and support during this time.


Simulations equipment

Technical support programmes
In addition to the staff, the simulation equipment used is an important success factor. For this, it must be and remain ready for use. Laerdal's preventive maintenance provides you with the corresponding security.

We help you achieve your simulation goals

Are you facing the exciting task of starting simulation-based teaching or refining or expanding an existing program? Our team of experts will advise and support you from the first step of the innovative idea to the successful and sustainable implementation.


Do you have questions?

Contact us and make an appointment for an initial consultation today!

We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.

We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.