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Educational Pathway

Educational Services

Laerdal’s robust Educational Services portfolio can help organizations create a plan that supports faculty and staff competency development.

Ensure Success with Ongoing Competency Development

With Educational Pathway, you may create unique training packages by selecting courses and workshops as you need them to meet specific learning objectives. Owning an Educational Pathway package allows organizations to ensure they have a plan in place for building and maintaining their simulation training skills.

Educational Pathway brings many benefits in supporting ongoing competency development including:
  • Operational efficiency: secure funding for faculty and staff training now and schedule it as needed.
  • Long-term education plan: Options range from packages with as few as two courses up to as many as needed to reach your training goals which can be delivered anytime over a five-year period.
  • A flexible solution: courses may be scheduled at times that accommodate specific initiatives such as faculty and staff onboarding, new curricula integration or continuing education rotations.
  • Customizable training: choose the courses best suited for your organization as your simulation program evolves.
  • Standardized continuous improvement ensures all faculty and staff receive consistent and uniform training.

An Educational Pathway package can be built from any of Laerdal's on-site instructor-led one-day courses or simulation education workshops. These may be delivered in any sequence to meet the organization's needs. Educational Pathway packages are purchased in the form of Ed Path Training Days. The number of Ed Path Training Days required for each course or workshop is be determined by the value of the course or workshop selected.

Courses include:

What to expect?

Educational Pathway allows organizations to be prepared for initial or refresher training without determining the content, simulator, or audience until ready to schedule the education. Your Laerdal Representative will guide you through the process of building your Educational Pathway package and will help you select the right courses to be delivered at the right times to meet your training needs.

Why Educational Pathway?

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