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A digital library for competency development

Inspire and empower team members to take charge of simulation training competency development by enabling them to acquire new skills and knowledge at their own pace and in a way that is tailored to unique needs and interests. Laerdal KnowledgeHub is a digital library where organisations will find all the resources needed to learn the basics of simulation and how to use and maintain equipment.

Upskill Without Limits

With KnowledgeHub, team members can access learning materials and resources, set their own goals, and refresh their skills as needed. Now organisations can increase team confidence and sense of accomplishment allowing them to meet and exceed simulation training goals.

The platform delivers these key benefits:



Anytime, anywhere access


Meet specific needs


Upskill 1 to 1001

How KnowledgeHub can help

  • I am an Educator
  • I am a Technician
  • I am a Sim Lab Director

I am an Educator

KnowledgeHub will allow you more opportunities for competency development creating higher confidence to deliver quality simulation experiences for positive learning outcomes. 

I am a Technician

KnowledgeHub provides flexible maintenance solutions and troubleshooting tips allowing you to reduce downtime and increase equipment readiness. 

I am a Sim Lab Director

KnowledgeHub will support the operational efficiency of your sim lab to improve throughput.  

Quality content written by experts

KnowledgeHub offers a wide variety of resources like eCoursesSelf-Service Maintenance solutions, articles, and more. With trusted content at their fingertips, team members will no longer have to commute, relocate or schedule for basic training and maintenance needs, thereby making day-to-day tasks more convenient and efficient saving on both time and costs. 



Laerdal's eCourses provide on-demand training aides for your faculty and staff. Perfectly suited as a stand-alone solution for competency development or coupled with our instructor-led courses they are designed with a clear structure that can help solidify and deepen knowledge.


Self-Service Maintenance

Laerdal’s Self-Service Maintenance solution provides resources to conduct basic routine care on your simulators and manikins as the need arises. With only novice-level technical experience your organisation can conduct routine care when your simulator needs it most.

Unlimited Access

KnowledgeHub will help your organisation maximise the utilisation of your simulation equipment with unlimited access to a diverse selection of the latest competency-building tools and resources by Laerdal. Available in two convenient options allowing organisations to choose the right level of access that meets their needs.





Unlimited Users

Forever Access

Fundamental Content

Limited Access Self-Directed Learning

Free access to basic introduction and welcome to Laerdal, our products, and simulation. Generic resources to help prepare for simulation training.



Unlimited Users

2-Year Access

Product Training

Methodology Training

Full Access Self-Directed Learning

An affordable plan that offers self-paced e-Courses for product training and simulation methodologies to help get the most out of equipment. With this full access plan organizations will always have the newest e-Course content immediately available to them. 

A Blended Learning Solution


When KnowledgeHub is used to complement Laerdal led services by our Educators and Technicians team members can familiarise themselves with the material and be better prepared to engage in discussion and activities leading to:

  • Increased hands-on practice
  • More personalised experiences
  • Improved skill development and expertise 

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We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.

We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.