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Need new manikins?

Here's 10 things you should know about Laerdal's newest QCPR solutions

Are you curious about the latest solutions in CPR training? Meet the new Little Anne, AED Trainer, and the QCPR App - a trio of products that are revolutionizing CPR training. These solutions bring streamlined efficiency, seamless integration, and enhanced training experiences. Let's explore the top ten things you may not know about our newest QCPR products.

1. The new Little Anne, AED Trainer, and QCPR app work together to bring you a seamless classroom experience

These three products work together to revolutionize CPR training and classroom efficiency. Connect Little Anne and AED Trainer to the QCPR app for a comprehensive CPR class experience at your fingertips. Run diverse scenarios, stay updated with global guidelines, and access in-depth, customized reporting for your students, all in one powerful solution.


2. Little Anne comes in both light and dark skin tones to represent diversity

Did you know that there are disparities in CPR provision based on race and gender? Studies show that in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest situations, individuals of color are less likely to receive CPR compared to their white counterparts. To promote inclusivity, Little Anne is available in both light and dark skin tones. 


3. You can pack your QCPR Classroom in just one suitcase for streamlined transportability

little anne traveling case

The newest Little Anne is stackable – meaning six Little Anne manikins effortlessly fit into one suitcase.  The AED Trainer case fits snugly on its handle. This ingenious design allows for a complete QCPR classroom to fit into one suitcase - easily rolled with just one hand. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple bags. Instead, enjoy the simplicity of securely storing and transporting AED Trainers and Little Anne manikins, along with all their consumable items, in one compact and portable solution.

4. The new QCPR solutions have been designed with a focus on sustainability

The new Little Anne and AED Trainer not only provide quality CPR training but also prioritize sustainability in their design. With a focus on carbon neutrality and circular solutions, Little Anne reduces CO2 emissions by 68% compared to the previous generation, and its polypropylene parts contain at least 60% post-consumer recycled content. Similarly, the AED Trainer reduces CO2 emissions by 86% compared to its predecessor, and it incorporates recycled materials. These eco-friendly solutions for CPR training make a positive impact on both skills development and sustainability efforts.

Little Anne Trainer

5. The new AED Trainer has a universal design and customizable language options

AED CPR Training Teacher

The new AED Trainer represents the most common features of all the AEDs in the market, making it easy for learners to feel competent and confident to use an AED they encounter in real situations.  Additionally, the AED Trainer offers language customization options to meet local needs.

6. You can control multiple AED Trainers and run unique training scenarios directly from the QCPR app

Control one or many AED Trainers with ease, plus integrate AED feedback with compression and ventilation feedback and debriefing - all within the palm of your hand through the QCPR app. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling remote controls for AED training. With the QCPR app, you can seamlessly combine any manikin with the AED Trainer, enabling a wireless and seamless learning platform. Take full control of the AED Trainer directly from the QCPR app, creating a customized and immersive CPR training experience for enhanced learning outcomes.

Little Anne AED CPR Training Student

7. You can get in-depth reporting for enhanced CPR training through the QCPR app

Unlock the power of in-depth reporting with the QCPR App, providing instructors with comprehensive feedback on their students' CPR performance.

This feature allows instructors to better support their students as they learn life-saving skills, offering a truly unparalleled training experience for both community and professional users. Individual learners can easily set up and use a Little or Resusci QCPR-enabled manikin, receiving real-time feedback precisely when they need it to improve their CPR skills.



With detailed reporting capabilities, instructors can gain valuable insights into their students' progress, ensuring targeted support and guidance throughout the learning process. The QCPR app's in-depth reporting takes CPR training to new heights, empowering both learners and instructors alike.

8. Effortless Setup with the New Manikin Filter

Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of changing lungs after every CPR class. The new Little Anne manikins feature a hygienic and replaceable filter, eliminating the hassle of lung replacement. With a simple snap into place, setting up for each class becomes quicker and more efficient. Experience a streamlined CPR classroom setup, saving valuable time and ensuring a hygienic training environment for every session. Enjoy the convenience and ease of the new manikin filter, enhancing the overall training experience for instructors and learners alike.

LIttle Anne AED Instructor

9. You can get the full CPR solution with a convenient online bundle

Streamline your CPR training with the Little Anne and AED Trainer Kit, an all-in-one CPR classroom solution bundled with the QCPR app. This comprehensive kit includes the Little Anne 6-pack, 2 AED Trainer 3-packs, and an AED Trainer Transport Bag.  The new Little Anne and AED Trainer are compatible with the QCPR app.

By ordering the kit online, you can equip your classroom with these essential components in just one click.

135-01050 distr-1201x799-aa75ff8.jpg

10. All of the newest QCPR products, parts, accessories, and consumables available for purchase online​

To make it as easy as possible to train with our products, we’ve made all the products easily accessible through our web shop on

Refresh your CPR Classroom with the Little Anne & AED Trainer Kit

Upgrade your CPR classroom setup today with the latest QCPR solutions from Laerdal and unlock the full potential of CPR training.