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Engaging our employees

Loyalty, satisfaction and motivation among our employees is high. 


At Laerdal, we understand that employee engagement is crucial for achieving success. To ensure this, we actively engage our employees in sustainability initiatives, fostering a culture where sustainability is highly valued and consistently prioritized. As part of our commitment, we have taken the following steps:

  1. We have implemented an action plan that sets clear targets and objectives. Ownership of these goals lies with our executive management team, underscoring the significance of sustainability throughout our organization.

  2. To recognize and celebrate the efforts of our employees, we host an Annual Sustainability Impact Awards ceremony. This event acknowledges their contributions to sustainability and serves as an inspiration for others to actively participate.

  3. To promote ongoing engagement, we are working on establishing an internal sustainability network. This network connects our sustainability ambassadors and provides them with valuable tools, training, and relevant sustainability education. By equipping them with the necessary resources, we empower our ambassadors to effectively engage and lead sustainability initiatives.

By incorporating these practices, we reinforce our dedication to sustainability and ensure that it remains at the forefront of our collective consciousness. Through employee involvement and continuous learning, we cultivate a culture that values sustainability and actively works towards its integration into all aspects of our operations.

Sustainability Impact Award winners

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Sustainability Update May 2024