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3 Virtual Courses to Help You Navigate New Teaching Challenges

Virtual courses for your faculty and staff development can better prepare them to take on different methods of course delivery with ease.

The COVID-19 global health pandemic has caused a significant shift in healthcare teaching and training. This includes clinical rotations. Organizations are now adapting to new challenges stemming from factors like the adoption of remote learning, virtual simulations, and new learning management tools. Previously established norms, expectations, and educator-student relationships have been erased and reset. And, many educators have concerns about whether they are achieving the right level of engagement and learning outcomes with their new pedagogical approaches.

To ensure success among your simulation staff – and subsequently among future healthcare providers – it’s worth considering the value of investing in professional development training. By providing your staff with a Laerdal Virtual Instructor-Led Training course, you will be giving them the tools and confidence they need to reopen your simulation lab and adapt to new conditions in the educational setting. All of this is done virtually and while following social distancing guidelines.

Here are three of our Virtual Training courses that we think you might be interested in:

1. Simulation Mentoring

Simulation Mentoring was designed as a beginner level course and is geared towards any user who will be responsible for facilitating simulations. However, for organizations that temporarily closed their simulation labs during the pandemic, returning to the basics can help facilitators get back up and running faster and with greater ease. It can also help you ensure than you can onboard any new hires to a higher standard.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Identify methods for and create a plan to implement simulation.
  • Recall and apply INACSL (International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning) Standards of Best Practice into a curriculum.
  • Initiate and develop relevant policies and procedures to apply to the curriculum.
  • Define "curriculum integration."
  • Design and develop a simulation session from start to end.

Using industry best practices, your staff will be on track for success.

2. Tele-Simulation – Using LLEAP to Facilitate Virtual Sims

For simulation labs that made the rapid switch to virtual simulations, this course can provide the support you need. Tele-Simulation – Using LLEAP to Facilitate Virtual Sims is a six-hour live course that was developed for intermediate level simulation educators, technicians, and facilitators.

Switching to a virtual learning environment can be difficult – particularly when advanced simulation software is involved. That’s precisely where this course can help.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Access and navigate the LLEAP interface and its components.
  • Leverage the capabilities of LLEAP and various Windows applications to use body sounds in a virtual simulation environment.
  • Employ the Laerdal Patient Monitor Software in a virtual simulation to enhance psychological fidelity.
  • Identify and extract quality photos and videos from the internet to further enhance psychologically fidelity.
  • Deliver a virtual lesson over the video-conferencing application of their choice (i.e. Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Go To, etc.)

With the ability to split the course into multiple sessions as needed, it can enhance your staff’s confidence and skill running both virtual simulations and face-to-face simulations.

3. Consultative Sessions

For an individualized experience for your faculty and staff, we offer Consultative Sessions. These are fully-customized courses that will help you to address unique learning objectives set based on your organization’s needs.

Whether you are seeking to adapt your scenarios to current events or adopt a new solution to supplement your curriculum, you will work with a Laerdal Education Specialist to develop the right training for your participants.

Here are some examples of previous client requests that may inspire you:
  • Creating an Automatic Mode Scenario file for Premature Anne detailing the following for research purposes:
    • Time to first ventilation
    • Time to intubation
    • Time to first compressions
    • Adherence to NRP guidelines
  • Implementing evaluating mechanisms into existing Automatic Mode Scenarios

This experience can help to address any knowledge gaps or curiosities that are of the highest priority to you and your organization.

We've developed four keys to success to help you implement the Virtual Instructor-Led Training courses listed above, plus our many other options. Click the button below to see our list.

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We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.

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