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If we can create value to the society at large, and do our job well, satisfactory economic results will follow - and allow us to build a stronger company with time.

Åsmund S. Lærdal
Åsmund S. Lærdal

This was the simple philosophy of Åsmund S. Lærdal when he founded our company in 1940. It has remained our guiding principle ever since.


Below you will find the Laerdal Impact Update which reports on our progress towards our goal of helping save 500 000 more lives. Every year. By 2020.

Laerdal does not save lives. Bystanders, first responders and healthcare personnel do when providing essential help in life-threatening situations. Our aim is to help those who educate and equip these lifesavers to be more effective in their work.

The alliance programs outlined with the impact update make us believe our ambitious goal is well on the way to being achieved. Underpinning these are the values and cultural traditions of our heritage, our people, the way we interact with the environment, and how we address evolving needs and opportunities.


We encourage feedback from everyone who has an interest in the work of our Companies. We will review and respond to the comments on a regular basis. We aim to be open and transparent about our progress, as well as about the challenges we face.