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Virtual Classroom Training

Educational Services

What to expect?

Virtual trainings give you the benefits of traditional classroom training (including live instruction, feedback from the instructor and a set schedule for attendance) in the convenience of your own environment. All you need is a computer or tablet and a high-speed Internet connection.


Maintain Simulation Training Through Virtual Learning

During these challenging times many are seeking creative ways to maintain or build their simulation training competencies. Laerdal's Virtual Training courses are designed to bring basic level "just in time" training from the convenience of your own environment. Whether you need assistance implementing remote simulations or need basic simulator or software training, we can help.


Ordering Options

Laerdal offers educational training solutions that can be tailored to meet your organizations needs. We offer Virtual Instructor-Led Training in a variety of flexible configurations including:

  • Implementation Bundles: Designed to ensure successful implementation and use of your new equipment. Includes professional installation of your new simulator, an onsite Getting Started full-day course plus two Virtual Instructor Led Training sessions. 
  • Low Dose High Frequency Bundles: Designed to ensure faculty and staff meet mastery level competence in simulation training skills. Includes three Virtual Instructor Led Training sessions.
  • Annual Subscriptions: Designed to ensure a continuous professional development plan for all faculty and staff members with unlimited access to virtual training for the length of your subscription.

Your Laerdal Representative can help you select and order the Virtual Training configuration that fits your organization.

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Będziemy obchodzić się z Twoimi danymi zgodnie z zasadami opisanymi w Polityce Prywatności Laerdal.

Będziemy obchodzić się z Twoimi danymi zgodnie z zasadami opisanymi w Polityce Prywatności Laerdal.